How to Check Local IP Address

Check IP Address Is Local Or Not

The following code snippet will tell you given IP address is Local or not.

public static bool IsLocalIpAddress(string host)  
  { // get host IP addresses  
    IPAddress[] hostIPs = Dns.GetHostAddresses(host);  
    // get local IP addresses  
    IPAddress[] localIPs = Dns.GetHostAddresses(Dns.GetHostName());  
    // test if any host IP equals to any local IP or to localhost  
    foreach (IPAddress hostIP in hostIPs)  
      // is localhost  
      if (IPAddress.IsLoopback(hostIP)) return true;  
      // is local address  
      foreach (IPAddress localIP in localIPs)  
        if (hostIP.Equals(localIP)) return true;  
  catch { }  
  return false;  

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