Microsoft announces Windows SDK for Facebook

header%255B2%255DMicrosoft just announced the availability of Windows SDK for Facebook that allows integration of Facebook into Universal Windows apps.The SDK is open source and available in Github.

In a blog post by Windows App team:

We’re pleased to announce a new open source library for integrating Facebook into your Windows apps. The Windows SDK for Facebook is geared towards app developers creating Universal Windows apps on both desktop and phone. The SDK supports universal Windows app for Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Using this library, you can easily integrate Facebook Authorization, Like, Graph and other Facebook functionality into your app. This library is also fully native so the CLR is not a dependency.

Features included are:
  • Authorization – Login, Logout, Login Button, and Profile Picture control
  • Dialogs – Feed dialog and Request dialog
  • Graph – Custom Stories, Post to user’s feed, Upload Photo, Like a Page/Object

Get the SDK:

The SDK can be found on GitHub:


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