Google Photos Backup Keeps Collecting Until You Make It Stop

82110_620x330Uninstalling Google’s Photos app doesn’t turn off backup sync, meaning photos taken with Android devices could be saved to the company’s cloud storage, even if the user doesn’t intend to store them there, Google acknowledged on Tuesday.

The issue came to light last week, when a BizJournals editor reported finding hundreds of family photos he had deleted from his phone stored in Google Photos — even though he had uninstalled the Google Photos app.

“Some users have uninstalled the Photos app on Android without realizing backup as an Android service is still enabled,” Google said in a statement provided to TechNewsWorld by spokesperson Katie Watson. “This is something we are committed to resolving. We are working to make the messaging clearer as well as provide users who uninstall the Photos app an easy way to also disable backup.”

Right now, users wanting to shut off backup sync will have to do so manually. To shut down the pipeline between an Android phone and a Google cloud account, users will have to select the Google Photos option from the Google Settings menu and then toggle the “Backup” slider to the “Off” position.


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