Apple stops users to review apps in prerelease iOS versions

apple-stops-letting-ios-beta-testers-publish-unfair-app-reviews_1Posting reviews on prerelease iOS versions is not be possible. Moreover, testers running Apple’s fourth iOS 9 beta can’t post reviews now. However, they have access to the App Store like before.

Any attempt to do so produces the following message:

This feature isn’t available. You can’t write reviews while using a prerelease version of iOS.
Many titles in the iOS App store have seen a drop in their star ratings after the release of iOS 9 public beta.
As stated by Apple Insider, its reader Lars was first to spot the change.

Apple likely deprecated the feature to prohibit users unfamiliar with beta software builds from posting unduly critical assessments of apps that, for whatever reason, are incompatible with the upcoming system update,
While a good portion of iOS apps work as intended on iOS 9, there are a few that experience stalls, crashes and other hangups not present when running under iOS 8.4, the most up-to-date consumer release. The two systems may be mutually exclusive, but the underpinning services are not. Posting negative reviews based on an experience within a beta environment has a very real impact on developers, as they can be viewed by and sway the opinion of average App Store customers.


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