Google cloud data storage service Nearline available now

google-nearline-cloud-storage-infinite-dataGoogle just announced the general availability of its cloud data storage service Nearline. Unlike other cloud data storage services like Amazon that takes hours, Google’s Nearline supposedly takes seconds. Nearline is also expected to have 99% uptime.

What Nearline Is

Google Cloud Storage Nearline is a low-cost, highlydurable storage service for data archiving, online backup and disaster recovery. Data is available in seconds, not hours or days. With 3 second response times and 1 cent per GB/month pricing, Cloud Storage Nearline gives you the best performance at the lowest cost.


Nearline Storage is a better choice over Standard Storage in scenarios where slightly lower availability and slightly higher latency (typically just a few seconds) is an acceptable trade-off for lowered storage costs.

Cold Data Storage – Infrequently accessed data, such as data stored for legal or regulatory reasons, can be stored at low cost as Nearline Storage, and be available when you need it.

Disaster recovery – In the event of a Disaster Recovery (DR) event, recovery time is key. Google Cloud Storage provides low latency access to data stored as Nearline Storage.



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