Microsoft Surface is selling well

Suface-Pro-3Today, Microsoft’s Quarter 4 Earnings for Fiscal Year 2015 were released and the results clearly show that Surface is currently working well for Microsoft with Surface revenue having grown 117 percent to $888 million, driven by Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3.

As we know the product line had a shaky start with Surface RT, but the launch of Surface Pro 3 in May and Surface 3 in June boosted everything.
Satya Nadella, chief executive officer at Microsoft, said:

Our approach to investing in areas where we have differentiation and opportunity is paying off with Surface, Xbox, Bing, Office 365, Azure and Dynamics CRM Online all growing by at least double-digit,

And the upcoming release of Windows 10 will create new opportunities for Microsoft and our ecosystem.

Kevin Turner, chief operating officer at Microsoft stated the future plans in the report:

In our commercial business we continue to transform the product mix to annuity cloud solutions and now have 75,000 partners transacting in our cloud,
We are also expanding the opportunity for more partners to sell Surface, and in the coming months will go from over 150 to more than 4,500 resellers globally.

For a complete report, visit the link.


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