Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 General Availability Announced

content_1305The world’s open source leader Red Hat finally launches Enterprise Linux 6.7 with system security capabilities, trouble-shooting tools, and some other improved features.

Here are some features :
  • It prevents data leakage by allowing read-only mounting of removable media.
  • The upgraded platform includes the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) Workbench. It builds on RHEL 6.7’s existing SCAP functionality to measure your servers against company’s security guidelines and criteria.
  • The upgraded platform is compatible with Red Hat Access Insights, which is a new Red Hat hosted service that helps companies and customers identify, manage, and resolve risks.
  • LVM Cache is also supported in this release that allows users to maximize SSD-based storage’s performance benefits.

RHEL 6.7 base image is available on the Red Hat Customer Port.

Jim Totton, Red Hat’s vice president and general manager of the Platforms Business Unit stated :

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is the stable, predictable backbone for business-critical IT deployments across the globe,

In addition, the availability of a RHEL 6.7 base image allows enterprises who have standardized upon the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 platform to keep their operations intact as they explore and transition to container-based application infrastructure.

You can download it from here.


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