Multitasking with Windows 10

2As we know the much awaited Windows 10 is launching this week, here are the multiple things you will be able to do at the same time. Microsoft has presented it via a blog post.

The Windows team stated via a blog post:

Today, we’re talking about multi-doing on Windows 10. Our lives are busier than ever requiring us to juggle more tasks, both big and small. Wouldn’t it be great if our devices could help make accomplishing our tasks simpler? With features like Action Center, Task View and Snap Assist, it’s all about removing the obstacles between you and ‘Done’.

Snap: Easily organize your screen

Multiple apps are used at a time that may make it difficult to view what is on the screen, but Windows 10 makes it easier to organize the screen with improvements in Snap. You can now snap up to four things on your screen at once. This could be done by dragging those apps into the corners. A suggestion will also be given by Windows to fill the gaps.

Control your desktop

Windows 10 comes with an enhanced task view to see your open apps, docs, and files in a single view. This will make it easier to manage what you’re doing. A virtual desktop can also be created to gain more space when your screen becomes packed.

Action Center: One place to take action

Your key setting and notifications will be visible in one view with Action Center. It will be now easier to manage and make things faster, since some things could be done without going through the app such as changing brightness, sending email, etc.

Here’s the official video :


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