Google Delays the First Test of Project Ara Until 2016

araProject Ara is a modular smartphone whose announcement created a revolution in the mobile industry. So far the Project Ara Developer’s conference has been conducted two times, DevCon1 in 2014 and DevCon2 in 2015. It was announced in DevCon1 that the team is targeting a $50 modular phone in 2015.

Here’s a roundup of DevCon II, A conference that created a buzz and the official launch of the Project Ara modular smartphone looked not so far. However, a tweet by the official Project Ara Twitter handle stated that the first test of Project Ara is delayed until 2016, and they’re also looking for a new U.S. location to test the devices.


So, keep your fingers crossed for the official launch of the modular smartphone. For more on the Project Ara modular smartphone, visit the Official Website.


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