Facebook Moments app is now available

indexTwo months ago, Facebook launched Moments App, a stand-alone app that allows you to gather the photos posted on the social networks that you didn’t take but you’re in it. Unfortunately, it was only for US users and of course for a first release, there were some things that needed to be improved. Their newest update now brings it to more countries and also lets you make videos from the photos in your moment. But the best news probably from this update is that the Moments app is now available in “most countries” and has also been translated into 34 languages.

Some of the features :

  • After installation, it will work through your smartphone’s collection of images and videos collections.
  • Includes at least six images and music.
  • Search photos of friends.
  • Save photos that other people sync.
  • Moments app photos can also be shared with Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Download from: Google Play | App Store

The updates will be rolled out in phases and right now the app is launched in India. Here’s the official video posted on the video sharing website Vimeo:


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