Facebook Open-Sources React Native for Android

fbreactFacebook announced that it has open-sourced its project React Native for Android, that is used to build sophisticated native apps for Android using JavaScript. Earlier this year, Facebook open-sourced the iOS version of React Native for iOS.
Recently, Facebook has been open sourcing its projects and giving it to the community including some of its hardware innovations.
Note from the announcement:

First, our initial team of three product engineers was already familiar with React. Second, the app needed to contain a lot of complex business logic to accurately handle differences in ad formats, time zones, date formats, currencies, currency conventions, and so on. Much of this was already written in JavaScript. The prospect of writing all that code in Objective-C only to later write it in Java for the Android version of the app wasn’t appealing  nor would it be efficient. Third, in React Native it would be easy to implement most of the UI surfaces we wanted to build displaying lots of data in the form of lists, tables, or graphs. Product engineers could be immediately productive implementing these views, as long as they knew React.

Check more details here : http://facebook.github.io/react/


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