Google Voice Search Now More Accurate And Faster

Nowadays, we use Google Search result for almost everything. Some of us use Voice Search to avoid the tiring task of typing with “Ok Google“. To make things easier for these users, the search engine giant has enhanced the voice search for accuracy and speed.

Google Speech Team stated via a blog post:

“We are happy to announce that our new acoustic models are now used for voice searches and commands in the Google app (on Android and iOS), and for dictation on Android devices. In addition to requiring much lower computational resources, the new models are more accurate, robust to noise, and faster to respond to voice search queries – so give it a try, and happy (voice) searching!”

The team further explained that now they’ve now built better neural network acoustic models using Connectionist Temporal Classification and sequence discriminative training techniques to upgrade its voice search functionality.

These neural network acoustic models are a special extension of recurrent neural networks (RNNs) that are more accurate, especially in noisy environments, and are faster.

From here you can use the improved voice search tool on Android and iOS.


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