Month: December 2015

Microsoft Live Writer Is Open Source Now

open live writer
Recently, Microsoft announced an open sourced and forked Windows Live Writer. This fork is known as Open Live Writers. It is also known as OLW. The Open Live Writer is under .NET Foundation and is managed by a group of volunteers. You can now easily Download Open Live Writer.
 A tweet by Scott Hanselman, the principal program and community manager for Microsoft. Hanselman, states,
“We are going to open-source Live Writer, so don’t worry.”
This application made its debut in the year 2007, and it was part of the Windows Live Essentials, which included now-defunct programs, such as Messenger, Mail, Photo Glary, Movie Maker and SkyDrive. The last time that Live Writer was update was in 2012.



Apple iPad Pro coming to India next week here’s all you need to know


Apple is all set to launch its new iPad Pro in India, which is likely to hit store shelves next week.

The exact availability and pricing hasn’t been revealed yet. However, citing sources at Apple, TheQuint has revealed that the 32GB iPad Pro Wi-Fi will be priced at Rs 67900, 128GB iPad Pro Wi-Fi at Rs 79,900 and 128GB iPad Pro Wi-Fi Cell at Rs 91,900. The report also adds the availability of the device from the second week of December.

The iPad Pro with 12.9-inch 2732 x 2048 pixel Retina Display is just 6.9mm thick and weighs 713 grams. On the inside, the iPad Pro sports the Apple A9X chipset which Phil Schiller had said offers better performance than 80 percent of portable laptops out there. According to Apple, the A9X offers desktop-grade CPU and console-grade GPU. It promises a 10-hour battery life as well.

To complement the iPad Pro, Apple has finally made a stylus called the Apple Pencil. This white coloured pressure sensitive stylus that it launched at $99 and is aimed more at the creative professionals who want to get precise and accurate output for their ideas. There is no word on the Apple Pencil pricing in India.

The other additional accessory is the Smart Keyboard which can fold up to become the iPad Pro cover. You can orient the keyboard to be used for typing, for watching content on the display and covering the iPad Pro. This is also sold separately.

The recent iFixit teardown leaves the Pad Pro with a poor score of 3/10. iFixit gave it a repairability score of 3 out of 10 and pointed out that the Smart Connector port is virtually impossible to replace and also, that the fused front panel increases the cost of screen repair along with the risk of damaging the LCD when opening.

Apple Announced Swift Programming Language As Open Source

swiftAccording to the earlier promises, Apple’s Swift team has now posted source code for Swift compiler, standard library function and objects. Open – sourcing Swift is an added advantage to the developers across the globe, as you can now use Swift, which will run on a server, along with numerous use cases, bringing Apple programming expertise and aptitude beyond, only making apps for iOS and Mac devices.

Apple in their blog states,

“We are excited by this new chapter in the story of Swift. After Apple unveiled the Swift programming language, it quickly became one of the fastest growing languages in history. Swift makes it easy to write software that is incredibly fast and safe by design. Now that Swift is open source, you can help make the best general purpose programming language available everywhere.”

By making Swift open-source, Apple has gone ahead and invited the developer community to make this language programming better, by contributing toward it.

The company states,
” For students, learning Swift has been a great introduction to modern programming concepts and best practices. And because it is now open, their Swift skills will be able to be applied to an even broader range of platforms, from mobile devices to the desktop to the cloud.”

It is yet to be seen how open Apple is about the approach towards accepting significant community, pull-request. In the mean while the company welcomes all, in their official blog they said,

“Welcome to the Swift community. Together we are working to build a better programming language for everyone.”


For more information related to code, check the GitHub repository.

Adobe Premiere Video Editor Now On Android

Adobe Premiere video editor 1Adobe creates one of the most popular video; however its mobile offering was limited to iOS devices. But, not anymore, now Adobe Premier Clip, which is the lightweight version of is desktop program is now available on Android.
Some of the features that Adobe Premier Clip brings along are that, you can drag and drop items according to the order you prefer. You can also trim the parts which you do not want, and adjust lighting, effects and transitions.
Another, feature which is available is Sync to Music which would allow you to automatically edit your clips and choose soundtrack to insert to the video. The music which you insert to the video can either be chosen from the set list of soundtrack given or from your own playlist. Automatic levelling feature is also present, hence allowing you to set in the right volume.