Adobe Premiere Video Editor Now On Android

Adobe Premiere video editor 1Adobe creates one of the most popular video; however its mobile offering was limited to iOS devices. But, not anymore, now Adobe Premier Clip, which is the lightweight version of is desktop program is now available on Android.
Some of the features that Adobe Premier Clip brings along are that, you can drag and drop items according to the order you prefer. You can also trim the parts which you do not want, and adjust lighting, effects and transitions.
Another, feature which is available is Sync to Music which would allow you to automatically edit your clips and choose soundtrack to insert to the video. The music which you insert to the video can either be chosen from the set list of soundtrack given or from your own playlist. Automatic levelling feature is also present, hence allowing you to set in the right volume.

Adobe Premiere video editor
Another feature which Adobe Premier Clip comes with is creating videos automatically. All you need to do is insert the clip and the soundtrack, and adobe will automatically organize you clips, and create the video. Once the video is created, you can import it in the desktop app.
Adobe Premier Clip is now available for Free Download at the Play Store



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