Google Launches New Tool To Test Website Performance

Google has announced its own tool which will help you to measure a website’s speed and mobile-friendliness. Google states,

Today we’re introducing an easy way to measure your site’s performance across devices—from mobile to desktop—and give you a list of specific fixes that can help your business connect more quickly with people online.

The site takes your URL and measures it on a scale from 1-100, your mobile design, and loading speed. It checks things such as CSS, HTML, scripts, and images in order to see the amount of time it takes for your website to load on the desktop as well as on a mobile device.



Google Launches Android 6.0 Marshmallow To Nexus Users

The latest version of Google’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow is now available for Nexus devices. This version has come with some new features which will make your smartphone works better and faster.

In their official blog Google states,

“Android Marshmallow is the sweetest, smartest Android version yet: Now on Tap serves up assistance when you need it, battery-smart features keep your device going longer, and new app permissions give you even more control.”


Google Analytics Supports BigQuery

googlebigqueryGoogle just announced the availability of BigQuery in its Google Analytics service. The Google Analytics Team just sent out an email to its customers announcing the availability. Customers can also bring their other business data in BigQuery and use Analytics to generate reports and charts. The BigQuery is a part of Google’s cloud program, the Google Cloud Platform.

Email content:

Using Analytics with Google BigQuery—backed by the power of Google Cloud Platform—you can uncover the hidden insights within all your data. And do it fast. Run analyses across multiple datasets like online purchase history, sign-in logs and email performance.

BigQuery provides:

Intuitive SQL-like editing: Web-based UI helps you run queries, and load and export data.
Speed and performance: Stream large-scale databases at millions of rows per second.
Affordable pricing: First terabyte of data processed each month is free.
Security and reliability: All your confidential customer data is encrypted in flight and at rest.

Apple Watch Users Can Now Use Google Map

Apple watch New Google map update was released by Google this Tuesday. The new iOS update makes Google app compatible on Apple watch. Now Apple watch users can easily use Google map.

When you open the Google map app on your watch, you will be presented with the option, which allows you to easily navigate to work and home. The direction to your work place and home is already preset, by using your Google account.

route from home to work

Google map also offers some other features, such as; it can estimate time of arrival, made by car, bikes, public transit as well as by walking. You will also be able to make business calls while looking at the direction, and also get direction from a list of places.

You can now download this app from Apple’s App Store.

Google Voice Search Now More Accurate And Faster

Nowadays, we use Google Search result for almost everything. Some of us use Voice Search to avoid the tiring task of typing with “Ok Google“. To make things easier for these users, the search engine giant has enhanced the voice search for accuracy and speed.

Google Speech Team stated via a blog post:

“We are happy to announce that our new acoustic models are now used for voice searches and commands in the Google app (on Android and iOS), and for dictation on Android devices. In addition to requiring much lower computational resources, the new models are more accurate, robust to noise, and faster to respond to voice search queries – so give it a try, and happy (voice) searching!”

The team further explained that now they’ve now built better neural network acoustic models using Connectionist Temporal Classification and sequence discriminative training techniques to upgrade its voice search functionality.

These neural network acoustic models are a special extension of recurrent neural networks (RNNs) that are more accurate, especially in noisy environments, and are faster.

From here you can use the improved voice search tool on Android and iOS.

Google Chrome 45 Is Available Now

chromeGoogle just announced Chrome 45, the next version of it’s popular web browser. The Browser is launched for all Windows, Android, Linux, and Mac operating systems. Chrome is arguably more than a browser: With over 1 billion users, it’s a major platform that web developers have to consider. In fact, with its regular additions and changes, developers have to keep up to ensure they are taking advantage of everything available. You can update to the latest version now using the browser’s built-in silent updater or Google Chrome 45 is available to download here:

Developer features in this release include :


Google releases Go 1.5

google-go-languageGoogle has released Go 1.5 with some new improvements and changes. The improvements include support for internal packages and C is finally not involved in its implementation. Therefore, runtime, compiler and linker are now written in Go itself.

In the release, the garbage collector has been re-designed. The order in which goroutines are scheduled has been changed.

As stated in the Official Release:

  • The compiler and runtime are now written entirely in Go (with a little assembler). C is no longer involved in the implementation, and so the C compiler that was once necessary for building the distribution is gone.
  • The garbage collector is now concurrent and provides dramatically lower pause times by running, when possible, in parallel with other goroutines.
  • By default, Go programs run with GOMAXPROCS set to the number of cores available; in prior releases it defaulted to 1.
  • Support for internal packages is now provided for all repositories, not just the Go core.
  • The go command now provides experimental support for “vendoring” external dependencies.
  • A new go tool trace command supports fine-grained tracing of program execution.
  • A new go doc command (distinct from godoc) is customized for command-line use.

Download Go 1.5 from Here. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Apple OS X.