Google Launches New Tool To Test Website Performance

Google has announced its own tool which will help you to measure a website’s speed and mobile-friendliness. Google states,

Today we’re introducing an easy way to measure your site’s performance across devices—from mobile to desktop—and give you a list of specific fixes that can help your business connect more quickly with people online.

The site takes your URL and measures it on a scale from 1-100, your mobile design, and loading speed. It checks things such as CSS, HTML, scripts, and images in order to see the amount of time it takes for your website to load on the desktop as well as on a mobile device.



Microsoft Announces General Availability Of SQL Server 2016

sql-server-2016Microsoft announces the general availability of SQL Server 2016, the world’s fastest and most price-performant database for HTAP (Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing) with updatable, in-memory columnstores and advanced analytics through deep integration with R Services. Software applications can now easily deploy sophisticated analytics and machine learning models in the database resulting in 100x or more speedup in time to insight, compared to deployments of such models outside of the database.

A new platform for intelligent applications

The majority of advanced analytic applications use a primitive approach of moving data from databases into the application tier to derive intelligence. This approach has been because of the high latency due to the data movement,and does not scale as data volumes grow,  and thus burden the application tier with the task of managing as well as maintaining the analytical models. The deep analytics on real-time transactions are quite impossible without a lot of heaving lifting.


Android Pay Is Starting To Roll Out

androidpayWe’ve known about Android Pay since Google’s I/O conference earlier this year, but now it’s finally arrived.

The search engine giant has confirmed that it’s started rolling out the fledgling mobile payments platform. Google’s Android Pay is a rival to Apple Pay, and lets Android users pay for goods in brick-and-mortar stores using their smartphones.

You’ll need at least Android 4.4 KitKat to use Android Pay, as well as a smartphone with an NFC chip inside.

The launch is US-only initially, and Android Pay will support American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. According to Google, you’ll be able to use Android Pay at over one million locations “and counting” across the US – anywhere that accepts tap and pay payments. That includes Subway, Toys R Us, Staples, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, and GameStop.

“We’ll be rolling out gradually over the next few days, and this is just the beginning,”

says Pali Bhat, Director of Product Management for Android Pay. Bhat continues:

“We will continue to add even more features, banks and store locations in the coming months, making it even easier to pay with your Android phone.”

Google has put plenty of emphasis on security with Android Pay, promising that your real credit or debit card number won’t be sent with your payment.

Instead, Google will use a virtual account number to provide “an extra layer of security”.

The company also says that later this year, Android users will be able to use Android Pay to “speed through mobile checkout in your favourite apps”. You’ll also be able to transmit loyalty cards and special offers with a tap eventually too, albeit with select merchants. If you’re already an existing Google Wallet user, you can access Android Pay by updating the Wallet app. For those new to Google-powered payments, Android Pay will be available to download on the Google Play store “in the next few days”. The platform will also come preinstalled on new NFC-enabled Android phones from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless.

Node.js 4 Released

nodejs625Node.js is designed to build scalable network applications. Node.js version 4.0.0 was released by the Node team.

Announced via a blog post, the Node.js team wrote:

The collaborators of the Node.js project and the members of the Node.js Foundation are proud to offer v4.0.0 for general release. This release represents countless hours of hard work encapsulated in both the Node.js project and the io.js project that are now combined in a single codebase. The Node.js project is now operated by a team of 44 collaborators, 15 of which form its Technical Steering Committee (TSC). Further, over 100 new individuals have been added to the list of people contributing code to core since v0.12.7.

Download Node.js 4.0.0:

Some of the key improvements and features in this version include:

New ES6 features including block scoping, classes, typed arrays, generators, Promises, Symbols, template strings, collections and, new to V8 v4.5, arrow functions.

Node.js now have first-class support for ARM processors.

Node.js v4 also brings a plan for long-term support (LTS) and a regular release cycle.

Apple to Fix iPhone 6 Plus Faulty Camera

If your iPhone 6 plus camera is faulty and clicking blur pics, then do not worry, Apple is replacing the faulty iPhone 6 Plus faulty camera. The main problem discovered by Apple is a fault in iSight camera in some iPhone 6 Plus (not all) cell phones.

“The iSight camera has a component that may fail causing your photos to look blurry,” Apple representative said.

Here’s a thread on Apple support showing users reporting the faulty camera issue. The post states that iPhone 6 Plus rear camera is blurry/wobbly. If your iPhone 6 Plus camera is faulty, then do not worry, Apple will fix iSight free of charge for you. A worldwide program has been launched for the same.

Here’s an image showing how to find your phone is with a fault. Enter the serial number in the Eligibility field of the iSight Camera Replacement Program for iPhone 6 Plus web page. For finding the serial number, go to Settings, then General, and click About. After copying the serial number from here to the Eligibility field click Submit. Apple will detect if your phone model is the one affected (more…)

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10525 Announced

Last week Microsoft announced Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10512. Without delaying further, Microsoft is here with Insider Preview Build 10525 to Windows Insider in the Fast Ring.

As stated by Microsoft’s Gabe Aul via a Blog Post:

“This is our first new build since the release of Windows 10, and I’m very happy to talk about one new thing that you’ll see because it really highlights both how your feedback influences the product development as well as illustrating how some things will get implemented at different times depending on when we’re trying to stabilize and drive quality vs. when we’re open for new feature work.”

The following are the changes done : (more…)

Google Delays the First Test of Project Ara Until 2016

araProject Ara is a modular smartphone whose announcement created a revolution in the mobile industry. So far the Project Ara Developer’s conference has been conducted two times, DevCon1 in 2014 and DevCon2 in 2015. It was announced in DevCon1 that the team is targeting a $50 modular phone in 2015.

Here’s a roundup of DevCon II, A conference that created a buzz and the official launch of the Project Ara modular smartphone looked not so far. However, a tweet by the official Project Ara Twitter handle stated that the first test of Project Ara is delayed until 2016, and they’re also looking for a new U.S. location to test the devices. (more…)